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Keeping a Trip Diary & Winning Prizes

Keeping a Trip Diary

Reviewing Diary Entries

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Keeping a Trip Diary & Winning Prizes

How many miles do you commute a year, or travel running errands? How much does it cost? How much could you save by carpooling, taking transit, or telecommuting a few days a week? The Trip Diary is designed to help you track your daily travel, and provide meaningful statistics such as these. It also helps SACOG and its non profit Partners assess what our region's current habits and future transportation needs are. As an added benefit, your participation in the Trip Diary gives you the opportunity to vie for great prizes in our Prize Raffle.

Keeping a Trip Diary

  1. Click the "Trip Diary" button in the navigation bar.
  2. Click on a date on the calendar, or use the forward and back buttons next to the date display, to navigate to the date you wish to complete a diary entry for.

  3. For each trip you took that day, you'll need to fill in the trip's purpose, mode(s) of transportation, and round-trip mileage.

    First, determine if the trip was for commute purposes, errands, or a work/meeting trip (trips you take during the course of your work day). Under the appropriate column, roll your cursor over the first plus icon (+), then click on the icon representing the mode of transporation you used.

    If you used more than one transportation mode during that trip, do the same with the second plus sign icon (this is optional).

    Next, enter in the number of miles you travelled (round trip) using each of your selected modes.

  4. Continue adding trips under the appropriate columns. If you took multiple trips of the same type, click "Add Trip" under that column to produce a new blank row.
  5. When you are finished inputting trips, click the Save button at the bottom of the page.
  6. You may fill in your diary daily, once a week, or every 2 weeks. After 2 weeks you will no longer be able to access those past dates.

Reviewing Diary Entries

To review and edit past diary entries day-by-day, click on each date box in the calendar, or use the forward and back arrows next to the displayed date. Diary entries older than 3 weeks can be viewed but not be edited.

To review all past diary entries at once, click the link in the right column that reads "View all diary entries."

To view summary charts and metrics, click the link in the right column that says "View summary charts."

To view trip totals, click the link at the top of the diary which reads "View commute totals." This page will show you the total number of commute days and miles by each mode.

Earning Credits

For each day you enter at least one commute trip in your Trip Diary, you will earn credits. Credits allow you to participate in our Prize Raffle, held at the end of each month.

The number of credits awarded for your commute trip is based on the primary mode of transporation used. See the Diary FAQ for current point values. In general, zero-pollution modes such as biking, walking and telecommuting earn the most points, and drive alone trips earn the least.

If more than one commute trip is entered per day, you will earn credits only for your highest-valued trip.

Credits can be rolled over from month to month, but expire at the end of the calendar year.