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Creating and Accessing Your Profile

Registering for Commuter Club

Logging In

Editing Your Profile

Getting Commute Help

Printing an Emergency Ride Home Voucher

Using Ridematch

Finding a Vanpool

Downloading Commuter Coupons

Purchasing Shuttle Tickets (North Natomas users only)

Keeping a Trip Diary & Winning Prizes

Keeping a Trip Diary

Reviewing Diary Entries

Earning Credits

Entering the Prize Raffle

Winning the Prize Raffle

Becoming Part of the Commuter Club Community

Registering for Special Events

Subscribing/Unsubscribing from Email Communications

Joining/Leaving the Bicycle User Group

Getting Help

Contacting Your Commute Coordinator

Contacting Technical Support


Keeping a Trip Diary & Winning Prizes

How many miles do you commute a year, or travel running errands? How much does it cost? How much could you save by carpooling, taking transit, or telecommuting a few days a week? The Trip Diary is designed to help you track your daily travel, and provide meaningful statistics such as these. It also helps SACOG and its non profit Partners assess what our region's current habits and future transportation needs are. As an added benefit, your participation in the Trip Diary gives you the opportunity to vie for great prizes in our Prize Raffle.

Entering the Prize Raffle

  1. To enter the prize raffle, you must first earn enough credits by filling in your Trip Diary on a regular basis. The number of days you complete, and the primary transportation mode used, will determine how many credits you earn. Click here for more information on earning credits, and see the Diary FAQ page for current point values.
  2. Once you have accumulated 1000 or more credits, click the Prize Raffle button on the main navigation bar.
    Prize Raffle
  3. Review the list of available prizes for this month. For each prize listed, a separate random drawing will be held at the end of the month among those users who purchased raffle tickets for that prize. The more tickets you purchase for each prize, the greater your chances of winning.

    Name: Roll your mouse over the name to see a description
    Qty: Number of winners to be selected
    Tkt Cost: The number of credits necessarily to buy a raffle ticket
    You Bought: The number of raffle tickets you've purchased for this prize
    Your Odds: Based on the number of tickets you've purchased vs. the total number of tickets purchased by other users

  4. If you don't have enough credits to bid on the prizes you want, keep filling in your Trip Diary to earn more each day. You can save up your credits from month-to-month, but they will expire at the end of the calendar year.
  5. If you've found a prize you'd like to bid on and you have enough credits to do so, increase or decrease the number of tickets you'd like to buy and click the Buy button.
  6. An alert box will ask to confirm your purchase. Click OK.
    Credits cannot be exchanged or refunded once you confirm your purchase.
  7. The numbers in the "You Bought" and "Your Odds" columns should now increase to reflect the raffle ticket(s) you just purchased.

Winning the Prize Raffle

  1. On the first of each month, the system will randomly choose winner(s) for each prize among those who purchased raffle tickets for that prize. Winners will be notified by email, and everyone who participated in that month's raffle will also receive a list of winners' names via email.
  2. If you've won a prize, log in to your Commuter Club account and click on the Prize Raffle page.
  3. A green box should appear at the top of the page that reads "You won a prize in the <Month> Prize Raffle! Click here to claim." Click on the underlined link.
  4. The next page will provide details on your prize and instructions on how to claim it. Depending on the type of prize, we may ask you to confirm your postal address, email address, or ask about size, color, or other preferences. Electronic gift codes or downloadable prizes will be directly accessible from this page.
  5. For postal delivery of non-electronic prizes, please allow 4-6 weeks.